Oak Signs

Here at Cube Root Design we make our Solid Oak Signs with high quality materials from start to finish, Starting with Kiln Dried Prime Quality Oak (Quercus robur*) we carefully select each board to carve your bespoke design and add complimentary rounded or chamfered edges, finishing with a plant based wax-oil finish from Osmo. It is especially formulated for exterior use and provides 12x UV protection.

The reason for our choice is simple, Osmo Oil is a sustainably produced Low VOC Finish, it wont peel or blister like traditional varnishes and is simple to re-apply (no sanding, one coat and anyone can do it) so you can keep your sign looking its best with minimal effort, unlike varnish that may last a a little while longer initially but will require a complete refurbish as soon as the finish fails.

We feel this provides our customers with a quality product that wont let them down in the future.

If for any reason you don’t apply a top up coat of Osmo, your Oak sign will weather naturally to a majestic grey over time, without peeling or blistering, and can be revived in the future with Osmo Wood reviver, and a fresh coat or two of UV Oil.

*Quercus robur, commonly known as English oak or European oak.