Cube Root Design are micro makers, we love to design and make all sorts of things and we are micro sized so you get a personal service start to finish.

A Combination of Traditional Making and Modern Making, Cube Root Design are a Family run Workshop that Create Unique Makes and can bring your ideas to life.

Here are a few examples of projects we can help you with, this is by no means a definitive list, thinking outside the Cube is our forte.

Custom Signs (carved rustic wood is our speciality, but we can help with other types and any graphical work you may require).

Custom CNC work  Full 8×4 sheet CNC with Vacuum Table (from your design or we can create/modify 3d models).

Art Projects, commercial or private, we have a few materials we love to work with like hardwood and birch plywood but are happy to adapt and learn if you have something in mind.

Prototypes, if you have an idea we would love to help you get it made, we struggled so much getting prototypes made ourselves (in fact we ended up learning the multitude of skills and buying or making the equipment required to micro manufacture our product) so we understand the difficulties in getting prototypes made at a reasonable cost.

Small Production Runs, do you have a product you would like to bring to market? not only can we help you design/modify it for small scale production, we can create it for you.


If You need help Designing or Making anything we can probably help, quotes are free, so get in touch Via Our Etsy Shop and see if we can help.

Now Available – 3D Printed Prototypes in PLA BioPlastic (Bio-degradable and produced from renewable resources) Great for Rapid Prototyping and even small production runs, Specialising in 3D print time optimization.

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